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It’s All About the Kids – Paul Explains

Dear Educators, Parents and Community Leaders,

Do you know how many of today’s youth are struggling with peer pressure and an overwhelming influence to experiment? Are you aware of how many young adults within your influence are struggling with substance abuse? Just look around you, they’re within reach. The fact is there are thousands of youth within our communities that are feeling the constraints from the chains of addiction. They have graduated from experimenting, to outright addiction. They are powerless, defenseless and struggling to cope with day-to-day living.

My name is Paul Christie, and I would like to help. I believe prevention for our children is the best solution, and I am spreading a message about substance abuse. By informing today’s youth about the consequences of taking the first drink, or experimenting with drugs, they will feel less peer pressure and may avoid making bad choices.

I started to smoke weed in Grade Seven and by the time I was in Grade Eight, I had started to drink alcohol and ended up failing that grade. By the time I was in Grade Nine, my drug use escalated to acid, cocaine, heroin, hash,and pills. One night I was at a party with two of my friends and we left to find a house we could break into; to possibly get more booze. When the evening was over, we had burned two multi million dollar homes to the ground and less than a year later I was found guilty on all counts and sentenced to twenty months incarceration on each charge.

When I was finally released from Guelph Correctional facility, I was even more of an addict and not long after I began doing armed robberies to fuel my fast growing drug habit. I was finally arrested and within two days I had broken out of jail only to flee to the USA for ten years, during that time I was arrested and incarcerated approximately twenty times and served over four years in California and Florida and was deported back to Canada in 1993 to face my outstanding robbery charges.

Once back in Canada, a judge had given me a fresh start by dropping armed robbery charges against me and allowing me to pick up the pieces of what was left of my life, however I continued to do drugs and was arrested several times over the next five years. In 1994, my son Jesse was born but I still could not shake my addictions, however I took control of my life on September 23 1999, by checking into detox for seven days and went on to a rehab for nine months.

Today I live a life free from the chains of addiction. This is my bereal guarantee, if you are not 100% positive that my program has made a great impact on your students and community, I will refund any fees you have paid.

It is very simple to see from the emails I receive that my bereal program is one of the most successful of its kind in Canada and because of that I will continue speaking to students, parents, police and school administrators for as long as God gives me the strength and motivation to do so. I believe the reason for the success of the bereal program is because I lived the life as an addict and I know what its like to be on drugs and then to be off drugs. Over the last seven years I have had hundreds of students tell me that its very hard to listen to people who had never experienced the topic; ie. “drug addiction” and because I became an addict very early in my life I know now what it for takes to start doing drugs and what it takes to get off them.

Since starting to do drugs in grade 7 I have had 10 close friends die because of drugs., I have also been sitting beside a friend who shot up and died right beside me and I can assure you there is not one other person on this earth who is more passionate about what they are doing than myself. Every time I walk out in front of an audience I am thinking about my lost friends who could have been saved.

Almost every school I speak at after my presentation, I am willing to speak one on one with any students or staff who may want to talk privately , time permitting of course. My job does not stop when I leave the school, as I receive hundreds of emails per month from students and staff and reply to almost all of them if needed. If your school is looking for a very passionate and qualified speaker who knows how to make a difference look no further, I am your man.

We also have a bully hotline so if you or someone you know is being bullied, email me at Paulchristie01@outlook.com and I can guarantee everything that can be done to stop this behaviour will be done and you can stay 100% anonymous. We cannot continue to look the other way when someone is being treated like this and if we all work together we can stomp out bullying.

Please read over the small handful of the almost ten thousand emails I have received over the last seven years on my testimonials page as they speak for themselves and please keep coming back to this website to read updates and valuable addiction information. For those who would like to read my life story, my book “One Man One Voice One Message ‘ will be out by Christmas or shortly after the new year begins.

Thank you very much and God bless,

Paul Christie

What are people saying …

Hi Paul,
I am a teacher at T.A. Blakelock secondary school in Oakville. Thank you for what you’re doing and for coming to Blakelock to share your story. You are a blessing and an encouragement to many. After your talk this morning I took the opportunity in my Grade 10 Canadian History class to have a discussion with my class about the topics and issues you brought up in the assembly. The kids had amazing insight and comments and I could tell that you struck a deep chord with many of them.

I just want to say to you that you are doing amazing things! Your life reminds me of a Bible verse spoken by Christ that says something like (I hope I don’t screw it up here): “If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give it up for me, you will find it.” Thanks for giving up your day to share with us!
Well done!

Steve Jobbitt
TA Blakelock High School