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The Program

Our program is intended to help kids with problem solving when peer pressure becomes a dominating force in decision-making. Kids are encouraged to talk to their parents, guidance councilors and trusted family members as their conscious guides.


To deter children and teens from trying drugs and alcohol.


Deliver a message on what drugs and alcohol can do to you, and how the chains of addiction can take control of your life. Paul talks about how addiction can lead to breaking up families, isolation, humiliation and crime.

How it happens

From wanting to experiment and feeling good, to getting high and needing. The high that is created from the need is very short term and consumption will become greater as the immunity grows. Sickness will start to occur, the body will demand more and more, body aches, mood swings and depression will dominate daily routine.

Where can it lead

Homelessness and being unwanted by family and friends, and living on the streets or in temporary shelters. Lack of income from normal means, resorting to prostitution and other criminal activities. Jail is part of almost every addict’s life because of these activities including anger. Despair of having no means to support yourself can lead to major depression and suicide.

How does Paul Christie qualify as someone to be looked up to?

Over 20 years of drug and alcohol abuse led to a life of crime, homelessness, cheating, stealing, lies, deception, begging for food and waking up in ditches. Paul has been jailed for crimes of desperation, stabbed and shot in the leg and hospitalized for a variety of health threats. He was worthless, penniless and helpless with no friendship or companionship.

In 1999, Paul Christie took control of his life and checked into a re-habilitation clinic. Since then he has turned his life around and now enjoys a life of freedom, from the chains of addiction. The next 20 years of his life will be spent in helping kids avoid the wrong decisions in experimenting with drugs and alcohol by holding speaking engagements and discussion groups with schools, social clubs and municipal organizations.

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