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Paul has been awarded the Paul Harris fellowship award. This award is one of the highest honours that the Rotary club can bestow upon a person. Recipients are Rotarians and community professionals who are recognized for their outstanding contributions. They exemplify the highest ideal in Rotary in placing SERVICE ABOVE SELF. Paul is also a recipient of the prestigious Howard Etherington Memorial Award.


I would like to welcome all students, staff, school board officials, police services and of course parents to this new 2017 / 2018 school year and I'm sure we are all ready to make it a great and prosperous one. However we are all aware of the transitions that come from teens graduating from one grade to another, especially from grade 8 to 9.

This is why I believe my Be real drug/alcohol program is just what all of our kids along with school staff need to prepare us all for the peer pressure from older students wanting the younger ones to "try this man" its great you'll feel awesome.

I am very proud to recognize the following great businesses and organizations that have been there with their dedication, support and financial contributions. Without each and every one of them many of my accomplishments would not have materialized. Please be kind and support them in any way you can.


Mohan Ramphal Sales Representative "happiness begins at home" Great Lakes Real Estate Inc., www.ontariopropertiesonline.com

905printing.com is very proud to support Paul Christie in his courageous mission to save our kids.

Whoever saves a life, saves a world and we believe Paul is doing just that!

Kids will make better decisions if they receive better education and training early on in their life. Paul Christie shares his story... so gut wrenching that it inspires many lives. We are a proud supporter of saving our children from addictions. Visit www.target.ca.

TPH® Charitable Office, a division of The Printing House Limited™, was established in 1983 and works to fulfill the Company's philanthropic mandate to improve the lives of Canadians and the future of our country. Visit www.tph.ca.

Novus Medical Detox Center would like to acknowledge the excellent work that Paul Christie is doing for the youth of Canada. We are proud to be endorsed by Mr. Christie. Novus is located in Florida and has developed protocols that allow people to withdraw safely and much more comfortably even from high doses of methadone or other drugs. If you know someone who is dependent on or addicted to drugs or alcohol and want the best detox treatment available please give us a call at 800-505-6604. Visit www.novusdetox.com.

Paul Christie would like to thank THIRD EYE Photography for supporting him over the years.

From Computer Hardware and Networking to Internet Access, Softcom's fast, friendly and professional staff have been providing quality products and services for over 30 years. Softcom is a proud supporter of Paul Christie, the differences he has made with our youth and all that he will accomplish during the years ahead. Phone 905-871-3499.

We would like to thank various local rotary organizations for their financial support and assistance over the years.

Paul Christie would like to thank Totally Wired Communications for providing video and photos for use in the be real program as well as for supporting the program.

Nino D'Ambra Hair & Aesthetics
231 Garrison Road.
Fort Erie, L2A 1M8
(905) 871-6886
Nino has been a supporter of Paul's BeReal program for 6 years now and appreciates the difference this very valuable program makes in our communities.