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All submissions added to this page have been granted permission from the author. Some modifications have been made to protect the identities of the individuals and schools due to the privacy act. Thank you for your letters of support, encouragement and positive feedback.


September 2012

Dear Paul, A couple of days ago you were at my school, Humberside Collegiate Institute. Going into the assembly i thought it would be one complete joke. I turned out to be totally wrong. I thought your presentation was amazing and it really gave us something to think about. We all walked back into class silent and in deep discussion. I would like to thank you on behalf of the student body of Humberside. But more importantly I need your help. My brother, who is 14 started using drugs in grade 8. As you said, it starts off with smoking weed, and he is still in this stage. He does it everyday at least 4 or more times. He skips school and he is failing mostly all of his courses. The schools will not let him repeat grade nine forever. He has had to switch schools, because he has gotten mixed up with the wrong crowds that have vandalized our property and broke into our home. These actions are taking quite an affect on my mother and I and she does not know what to do anymore. I wanted to contact you, because I think you are someone that will understand and I am wondering if you can help me by giving me some information. Thank you

September 2012

Paul Christie spoke at our secondary school yesterday and I feel quite compelled to endorse his very gripping presentation. Of all the motivational speakers we’ve had at our school Paul was the only one who grabbed and held their attention for an entire hour. His narrative was blunt, frank and sometimes graphic as he described how his life had spun out of control under the grip of addiction. There were no whispers, giggles or movement through an entire cafetorium of kids for the duration and what a surprise to see the sea of hands up in the air during the question period. It was a worthwhile morning on several levels particularly the plentiful dialogue it generated in the classrooms afterward. Thank you Paul and I hope you continue your “Be Real” mission for many more years to come. Diane Carol Campbell Teacher Tollagate Technological Skills Centre

September 2012

Paul, Thanks again for speaking to our students at Humberside CI (Toronto). It can be a challenge to captivate students during assemblies. I have never seen students more attentive and engaged than when you visited us. Your impact on our students has been greater than I could ever imagine. You related to young people without being preachy or over-sensational. Kids who never talk about school have been going home and telling their parents about your message. They have told me that if they ever thought about experimenting with drugs, they won’t now. I am certain that many lives have been saved from possible addiction. You have made a difference in the lives of the students in our community and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely, Eric Dallin, VP Humberside CI

May 2012

Hi Paul,

Thank you so much for your visit to Pearson today. The fact that the students remained quiet and attentive throughout your presentation is a testament to the impact you had. I hope that the teachers who were there will follow up with their students in class tomorrow with a discussion to continue the conversation. I hope that some of the students who were there in the audience will think deeply about your experiences or will contact you personally with their questions and comments.

I am happy that you were able to fit Pearson in for your final presentation of this school year. Because of the limited space in the library, I unfortunately had to turn 2 or 3 teachers away. Perhaps you would consider returning to our school in the future to speak to another group. Although the cafeteria can accommodate a much larger group, we would lose the good acoustics and the intimacy of the library space.

On behalf of the teachers and students who heard you speak today, thank you for sharing your story. I can imagine that it is not an easy story to tell, but it will serve to help many of those who hear it.


May 2012

Hello Paul! It took me awhile after your presentation to regain my composure. It was really moving and painful, man, just as you said it would be. I know after speaking to a few teachers afterwards that they, too felt the same way.
Now I’m waiting to hear some feedback from the students next week.

Thank-you for your words of strength; I really appreciate it. What you’re doing is great, Paul.

God bless

May 2012

I am speaking as a parent who attended the adult evening meeting at OSCVI.  I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to tell your story to us.  You gave me hope that with tough love and support that there can be a chance for change.  It helped to hear someone confirm how badly drugs and alcohol can tear a family apart.  Many people judge that just bad parents allow their children to do drugs, but us as good parents know that is not true.  I was able to meet a new friend and I am hoping we can support each other and our children.  Thanks again for 1st helping our children and 2nd  helping us parents.  Diane

February 2012


As with so many I was very saddened by the news of Whitney Houston’s death, she was truly a musical inspiration to me. However, the chains of addiction were wrapped so tightly around her she finally succumbed to their power and was taken away form us. It’s a sad but ever so common story that litters our news media every day.

I decided to play my favourite song of hers this morning and when doing so I decided to look carefully at the lyrics and realized just how REAL they are…

The kids that you have helped and the lives that you have saved can not go unmentioned during this time of grieving by so many.

I am privileged to know you as a friend and ever so grateful that I was one of the fortunate ones who were able to work with you and witness the lives that you have saved. You are truly an inspiration to so many,

Thank you Paul


Your message to students yesterday (Oct. 25) will have quite an impact on our students. Many students and staff members told me that the presentation was powerful, real, and intense. You could hear a pin drop from the beginning to end of your talk. It was nice to see so many students voice their appreciation by thanking you in mass numbers right after the assembly.
Dean Barnes
T.A. Blakelock High School
Oakville, Ontario

September 2011

Hey Man,

I felt the need to get this off my chest I’m sure you already got a few emails from few of my other friends from St. Basil high school (Sault Saint Marie). I appreciate you coming in to our school and telling you story to all of us and most of us listened and well a few did not. One of my good buddies just died on Sunday because of OD. It was one of the saddest days at Basils today and it will be a slow week as well. He was one of the nicest I have met, and if you looked at him you would not be able to tell he does drugs. I just wish he was there that day for your story to show him what could happen. I know that he would have second thoughts if he thought of you that night. I know all those kids will look at Luke now and hopefully say no to drugs. I hate that a good friend like him had to die for kids to realize what this stuff can do to you. I just wanted to let you know you proved your point to our school and I wish they listened to you earlier.
Thanks for you time sir.

May 2011 

Hey Paul, You probably don’t remember me but i go to St mary’s school in Kitchener, You spoke at our school and you changed my life.
Your story is amazing and if you remember i came up to you and shook your hand and we talked for 5 minutes or something like that.  But you told me that i was a good kid and that i was that kid who is going to change.  You were right.  I was chewing tabbacco on a regular basis, i was smoking pot, drinking, smoking cigs.  I has also tryed heroin once and was about to buy more.  But ever since you talked to my school and gave me confidence i have been completely clean.  I QUIT EVERYTHING!  Your a hero in my eyes Paul, your an amazing person.  Please don’t ignore this e-mail like you do with most, please hit me back up.  I really want to talk to you one on one so email me back or call me at


P.S.  Your amazing and deserve a great life and no matter what I will always remember your talk and you will always be a hero in my eyes no matter what anyone tells me.  Your great and dont let anyone ever tell u different.

April 2011 

I had the privilege to bring in and listen to Paul Christie speak to both our Secondary and Elementary students within our board. His message is anything but simple and extremely effective as he relates his life to his ongoing battle with drugs. Not at any time does Mr. Christie’s glorify his love affair with drugs, but rather strenuously cautions how his deadly addiction controlled his life for over 20+ years.
Drugs are reality in our world and the pressures that face our youth are a growing concern. A drug education action plan, forward thinking, and Paul Christie, allow students to have choices and alternatives to drugs. His 3 + days with our board definitely changed the lives of our students and commend Paul Christie for making the difference in the lives of our students.

Christopher Czop
Vice Principal
St. Mary’s College
(705)945-5561 (fax)

April 2011 


I’m a grade 11 student at St.Basil Secondary in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. You presented at my school a few weeks ago and I was moved by your story. I’m sure you understand that your message doesn’t always reach everyone listening. I know that you know how easy it is for students to say “it wont’ happen to me” or to think that what they’re doing will ever escillate to something they can’t handle. Alot of people tuned your words out because they seemed unrealistic, and that nothing like that will ever happen to them or their friends. Last night, a boy that goes to my school over dosed on drugs and died. I don’t know if he was at the presentation that day or if he even heard parts of your story, but he’s gone now. It’s ironic that just weeks ago, you said to us that if we were doing drugs, we were going to die. I don’t think many people listened or believed you. It’s sad that he had to die to prove your point. What’s worse, is that even after sharing your story, even after him dying, there are still kids that will continue doing what he was doing. They don’t see that if they don’t stop, they’ll end up just like him. I want to thank you for sharing your experiences, and regardless of what happened to that boy, I want you to know that you reached, changed and saved people. You are making more of a difference than you know.

Thank you and God bless,


April 2011 

Hi my name is Will  i’m 12 years old and i listen to you speak a St. Basils high school in Sault Ste.Marie and i was shocked on how you turned your life around and quite doing drugs for your son and that showed me that nothing can come good from doing drugs and i know if someone offers me drug i will say no thanks and i wanted to let you that is because of you. I hope you keep showing kids it is bad to do drugs and you can make the life of young kids better. I hope the rest of your life turns out good and i thank you for the story and i will say no to drugs!! Thank You!!!

April 2011 

Hi Paul, I’m going to high school next year. I used to be worried about peer pressure with drugs. Not anymore, i saw your presentation at St.Marys High school today. Your story was shocking. It really opened my eyes about drugs. Well listening to your story i wondered how u did not die, then i relized u didn’t die because you have a purpose in life, to teach young teens like myself about the harmful affects of drugs. Thanks to you I am never going to try drugs ever. Thank you.

April 2011 

I was at your presentation in Sault ste marie @ St.basils, & i was actually very touched by your message,
& you’ve changed my mind about drugs.

Im 14 years old, & i smoke marijuana everyday & i don’t wont to, im going to school high & its not keeping me on my work at all,  I also can’t seem to talk to anyone, because it feels like everyone is out to get me, & to tell my secrets & thoughts. The only person i can actually trust, is my councillor & i wont be seeing her anymore, i have 3 months left with her… I keep telling myself, ” im going to quit, & im going to find new friends” but it never works out for me, sometimes it’s easyer to say then to do.  My bestfriend is always doing pills, and i feel that im not really excepted with her little “possy” because im not doing the pills, but i have tryed them, i’v tryed tec 3 & rid…& a line of coke.. I don’t wont this life anymore, I don’t wont to keep these friends because all there really doing is bringing me down.. I try & stay away from my bestfriend, but me & her have been friends since grade 8, and i just keep going back to smokeing again? I can’t seem to stop, I need help, & im willing to get it…

April 2011 

My name is …, I go to … Public School and I’m in Gr.7. I came to your drug and alcohol awarness program at … Public School in Sault Ste. Marie, On. I think that your program was awesome and I will always say NO when it comes to drugs! You inspired me with your story and I will never forget you! Hope you have a nice day!

April 2011 

my names …… and i can’t ever seem to put down the pipe or bong. you know how it is i guess?
my mama is getting mad at me, duno what to do no more..
ive been getting pills.. i have 3 warnings, 1 restrainging order, and i act like a heav, and hangout with badass-_-
lifes going no were now?

April 2011 

Dear Paul,my names ……and I’m 18 years old. You spoke at my school Humberside Collegiate in Toronto four year ago. I remember you had such a lasting impression on me and my friends and I found your story incredibly engaging. Interestingly enough my family sent me to treatment this year for drugs and alcohol and I am four months sober. I can’t help but thinking about your talk, and I just wanted you to know that you’ve been such an inspiration during my recovery. Hope all is well with you.

April 2011 

Dear,  Paul Christie

You gave a speech on wednsday, April 13 at the St. Mary’s High school, in Sault Ste. Marie.
I was deeply touched on how you described the love that you have between youself and your son. But, at the same time I was completely terrified that a human being, could go through all of that, and still survive to this day. I was so shocked and suprised on how you told the story about your christmas week that you had all planned for your son and every time that you  mentioned your son after that I almost broke down and started crying. Allthough most of your stories were very terrifying and some of them wanted to make me sick, they have  deffinately made me wonder of what my life could turn out to be if I were to start drugs.
I knew what drugs could do to you before  gave your speech because my brother’s are still to this day doing this stuff. I thought when I grew up I could be a General Practitioner(doctor).
But, ever since I heard your speech I keep thinking that I could never achieve this goal if I try any type of drugs and because of that, I know that I will never take a look at drugs ever again.
Because of that I thank you.

April 2011 

Dear Paul Christie,

Today, you were at St. Mary’s College in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario speaking to a few elementary schools. I was in the audience with my grade 7 class, and after listening to you speak, I would like to thank you so very much. I was truly fascinated by your story and how brave you were, sharing your past-struggles all in the name of watching out for teenagers like myself. Right now, I am 13-years old and about a year ago, a police officer came to our school to speak with us about the dangers and effects of drugs and alcohol. I must say that I was very scared after how graphic the presentations were. I thought it was good that he showed us what drugs can turn a human being into in order to prevent us from taking drugs. Honestly, I had always known that drugs were bad, but the officer’s presentation scared me to death. I had vowed from that moment on that I would always say “no” to drugs. I don’t even like cigarettes. Not even alcohol. I don’t like the way that my family acts when they are under the influence of alcohol. It makes me uneasy. My grandmother is an alcoholic, but thankfully has been sober for a little over a year now. And as for cigarettes, when my Mom asks me to pass her her smokes, I don’t even want to touch the pack. They gross me out. So you can imagine how I feel about drugs. My Mother and Father split up after my dad cheated on her and got another woman pregnant. When they tried to patch things up a few months later (for my sake), my dad was unsure because he didn’t want to have to give up his weed. My mom was a drug addict before I was born too, but she quit when she was pregnant of me. She says that I saved her life. My dad still smokes pot to this very day-every day, and I have a hard time thinking about it. I hardly talk to him anymore, and as crazy as it sounds, I almost hate him. I don’t even think he would quit, even for me. This is why I have such a hard time with the fact of drugs itself. So, when you spoke to us today, you scared me almost twice as much as the police officer did, and this was just with words. I could not believe my ears! However, I do believe you. I could not even imagine how difficult it was living with your addiction to drugs and alcohol. For that I thank you, and I promise to never even smoke a cigarette. You have encouraged me to keep my vow of sobriety forever and always. My dream is to be a musician, and seeing how many musicians have fallen into the unfortunate hands of drugs, it worries me. However, you have shown me today that not only do I have the power to “just say no” and walk away, you have shown me that we have the choice and we don’t need to be forced into anything. Therefore thanks again. I now look up to you for your strength and bravery. It was an honour to listen to your speech. I think its safe to say that on behalf of myself and all teens, THANK-YOU!!!

Jan 2011 

Paul Christie? What can I say? In one word, INCREDIBLE! Paul shares his personal story in a way that no one else can. He has touched the lives of many high school students who were addicted to drugs and now are on the road to recovery. Paul has spoken to my student body in 2 different schools and I have seen the impact that his talk has had on a number of my students. Students are still talking about him after one month of his presentation. Paul knows how to reach out to kids. He is the “Real” thing.

Joe Servidio
Principal, St. Theresa of Lisieux C.H.S.


Mar 2011 

Paul Christie spoke to the students at CHSS and his message was very clear and powerful.  He captured the student’s attention and made them aware of the slippery slope one can take that will lead them to a life of crime, pain and suffering as a result of drug use and addiction.

He is truly a “gift” to young people in this generation! He gives students a “wake up call” to the reality of drug addiction and how it can all start so easily with just being a recreational user moving toward becoming a full blown addict.

Paul genuinely cares about students and is on a mission to tell the real story of how drugs can ruin the lives of the students, friends and their families.

He just doesn’t blow in, blow up and blow out with his speaker’s fee.

He sincerely cares about the  student’s who can access him via email and is even willing to meet with parent’s of students who are having challenges with substance abuse and meet with students as well.

Invest in having Paul Christie come to your school and speak to your student’s today.

They will be touched by his presentation, motivated to change and he will leave a lifetime impression on each of their lives.

I highly recommend as a speaker !

Norman Barlow Ph.D.

March 3rd, 2011

Woow is all i can say.
Your story was incredibly inspirational. It really helped me open my eyes.
I started off smoking weed of course, then experimented with extacy, mushrooms. Then i started experimenting with cocaine, crack and meth. Fortunatly i never got hooked to those, but found my drug of choice, which is of course oxy contin. I have been addicted for over two years and ive been trying to get clean off and on for about a year now. It is deffinitly a challenge, and hearing your story made me realize where i will be if i dont get help. I just feel like im not ready to give it up yet, and i always say that. But if im not ready now then i never will be, and it will be too late. Anyways i just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your story, it will be a huge motivation to me while getting clean thats forsure. Very nice meeting you and shaking your hand 😉


May 6th, 2010

Hi Paul.

Thanks so much for your time and for your presentations. Your dedication to the task and to the students was clear. Students were engaged and asking questions throughout the presentation – the best indicator of success! I’m sure that you will have struck a chord and touched many students. I hope you enjoyed your visit in Haliburton. Thanks again,

Karen Pettinella
Public Health Nurse
Chronic Disease & Injury Prevention
HKPR District Health Unit


March, 2010

I have had the experience of booking Paul Christie on two different occasions. His message regarding the tragic results which can occur as a result of using drugs or alcohol are very powerful. He tells the story as a person who has experienced extreme lows in life, as a drug addict, with the sincerest hopes that teens stay away from drugs. His stories captivate the students, and have made an impact on their decision making. Paul does not glorify what he has done in the past. Rather, he intends that his descriptive presentation moves kids away from thinking that drug use is cool, offers an escape, or provides answers to mdepression and loneliness. He simply tries hard to ensure kids do not make the same mistakes in life as he has. I would recommend him for high school groups, especially so for senior kids.
Ted Gorski, Principal, Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School


Mr Christie,
Thanks so much for coming to ——- today, your story was truly inspirational, and I really respect what you’ve done to spread the message to young teenagers around Ontario. Your story definately struck a chord, and I definately will never go near any drugs or alchohol in my lifetime. Thanks again

Dear Mr.Christie,
Hey so i wanted to send you an email even though i don’t have problems. You were at my school today in leamington and i just wanted to say that your story was very very touching! I know a lot of people in my life that are involved with alcohol or drugs even the smallest drug like weed.. it honestly broke my heart to hear how people could go into worse drugs and thinking that they eventually will try it almost made me cry. I really like how you opened up about everything and i hope people learn from what you have been through! You really are my personal inspiration and I thank you soo much! Out of all the presentations i’ve seen honestly yours is the one that has deffenetly taught me to never ever try anything. I’ve been peer pressured but never fell into the traps of it. I have a question. If i drink like not a lot but sometimes, does that mean i’ll eventually become an addict? (Sometimes being like once or twice a month) You really are a trooper for being able to overcome all this, having friends that die from this would be rough. Anyways, don’t want to make it long, i’m sure you have many other stories to read. THANKYOU sooo much for being an inspiration to me, i really needed someone to tell a story to me about things like this because i’m going to college next year. again.. THANKYOU.

PS. when you said something about your son sending you a text message not too long ago saying he loves you.. that was the cutest thing ever. & it was a real tear jerker 🙁 Again, thanks a lot for the story.

Dear Mr.Christie,
Today you came to my school and did one of your presentations and I just wanted to thank you. You had a great message and it really hit close to home. My father was/is an alcoholic and a drug addict and has been since his teens. Growing up, it was really hard to deal with and it was even harder when he went to jail. He has been in and out of jail since I was eleven and I have had very little contact with him. It is really hard to grow up not having a father and I really admire the fact that you were able to get your life together and be there for your son. Your presentation really made me reconsider my use of marijuana. Though I started in the eighth grade, I have not moved into anything heavier, but I have this  worry in the back of my mind that maybe I will, maybe I will end up like my father, maybe I just won’t be strong enough to carry on. Your presentation showed me that there is a silver lining to every cloud, that if you want it badly enough, you can overcome your problems- even if its not forever, the attempt still proves that you are strong. Stronger than the drugs. Strong enough to know that you are the one in control of your life. I just wanted to thank you. I hope that your presentation affected others as much as it did me. I also am having my mother take my younger brother to see you tonight, as I think that he would really benefit from te experience, especially since he is going to high school next year and there will be a lot of the temptation to fit in and be “cool.” Thank you very much.

Paul Christie , your are truly one of my hero’s  .  You spoke at my school ———— Secondary School . I truly took your story to heart although I don’t engage in the drug scene , I know what its like my brothers are into them , when you told your story about your nephew  I seriously had tears in my  eyes , my uncle scott kill himself the same way last summer as well . Whenever I hear about drugs ,My throat gets tight and I feel like im choking it sickens me so much but your story was truly amazing .  Honestly Jesse is lucky to have a good dad 🙂

Heather’s Email #1:

All I can say is that I appriciate you so much for all you do in your program,
and it was an honor to finally meet you in person when you spoke at my school today.
You’ve had the greatest influence on the decisions i’ve made this past year and can honestly say you saved my life.
So thank you, so much.



Heather’s Email #2:

Actually, I have not e-mailed before. An aquaintance mentioned you, so I looked you up. I read about you life, and looked through your site. It honestly changed my perspective completely. I never e-mailed because I was ashamed of what I had become and what my life had started to become due to the poor decisions I was making. But that is why I am e-mailing now. Throughout the end of my grade 10 year/my grade 11 year there was rarely a day when I wasn’t high at school. Of course I thought it was fun at first, but eventually it took over my life. I hated what I had become, and seeked motivation to change. After hearing some of your views and stories, it provided me with enough motivation (plus alot of support from friends) to change the way I was “living” my life. I’m in my second semester of grade 12 now, and haven’t touched drugs for almost 8 months. I belive you had a large part in that. I go to ——— High School, I was sitting in the first couple of rows and was anxious to shake your hand before you spoke on front of the school. I also spoke with you for a few moments after, I have brown hair, and am probably about your height.



Hi Paul,
I am a parent from a School where you just spoke to the grade 7-10s. I have just finished watching the video of your talk, which the school posted on their website. I have a daughter in grade 8 and 10 and I am truly so grateful that they both got the opportunity to hear you speak. Thank you!
What you are doing is absolutely amazing and truly inspiring! You mention you find it difficult to forgive yourself for some of the things you did but the courage and guts it has taken for you to get where you are today and to speak so openly and honestly in the hopes of helping teenagers is something that is truly special. You have truly risen above and beyond in your life and I truly admire and respect you for what you are doing. Thank you again!
Your message is loud, strong and clear and while it may be difficult to measure how many teenagers you are helping, have no doubt that yours is a very powerful message to them. I thank you as a parent of teenagers for sharing your life story with them. I am sure it will have more impact coming from you than from their own parents. It’s hard to know why certain things happen in life, but you have sacrificed a lot of your life and the gift you are giving by sharing it now is truly amazing! I can’t think of a more important role for you to be playing and I can’t thank you enough for what you are doing.
Please don’t ever stop telling your story to our children!



Hi Mr. Christie,
Today you came to talk to The School about your stories regarding substance abuse from the age of 14 onward. I’m in grade 10 and my whole life I have heard people telling me not to use drugs or alcohol. Many people don’t realize that hearing it from someone who has no prior experience or is not willing to share their experiences to get the point across really makes no difference. I just wanted to say that you actually made a difference to everyone and people are still talking about you. Please keep telling different schools your stories. They really work.



Im from a school, and saw your presentation today, It was pretty intence and moving, and affected me a lot, the first thing I did once I got home was take a trash can outside, and put half an ounce of weed in and burnt it, got rid of it. Thank you



Dear Paul
My son who is 13 listened to you yesterday. Last night we heard your story second hand. It has made a huge impact on him and I know he will remember it.
I can only imagine the strength it took for you to change your life.
Thank you for making a difference now – your story is the most powerful tool there is to help the kids of today.
Keep telling it and know that you are so appreciated and admired!



Dear Paul, I am a grade 12 student at . You came to my school today and spoke about your experience. At first I thought that the presentation was going to be a boring presentation where the speaker usually says something along the lines of ‘don’t do drugs’ and the story doesn’t have much value. But you presentation was something deferent, it actually got a lot of peoples attention, mine included. I was very shocked at what you said, when you shared your experience and everything you had been through. Most presentations lag on the actual facts about drugs and the effect they have on the user as well as the families. I think its incredible that you changed and put your life back together after spending so many years on drugs. I have never heard a story like yours before and I thank you for sharing it with me and my school, you’ve opened a lot of students eyes, mine included, on the true effects of drugs, and even alcohol. Thank you so much for sharing your story, i don’t know anyone strong enough to share their experiences like you did. You did an amazing job, you’ve already changed so many lives just within that one hour. I will never forget about the story you shared with us today.



Hey Paul, My name is , the yellow sweatered guy you talked to today after your second assembly. I would just like to say thanks a lot for your life lesson you taught me and my fellow peers today. It means a lot more coming from someone who has experienced it first hand, rather then being told by some Public Health nurse not to do drugs due to its purely physical affects. Instead you taught us not only the physical affects that drugs can do, but you also taught us the emotional trauma it can cause, and that can only be told by someone who has experienced it. Anyone who has internet access can google and read statistic about the affects drugs have on the body, but there are no statistics that tell the story of emotional chaos that drugs can cause to an individual and those who care about them. Your talk lasted about an hour, but I am sure your message will be carrried on forever. I know that I will not remember every detail of your life’s journey, but I certainly will not forget your message. You have done a very courageous act by having the confidence to relive your past, and I envy your lack of self pitty. On behalf of those who have heard your story, I say thank you for opening our eyes to a different side of drug awareness.



Hey Mr Christie you make great cookies ha funny but really after hearing your kick ass speach today me and my 2 friends threw our budzzzz out in the garbadge nothing personal but we are NOT going where u went so ya thanx man in 1 hour you got 3 of us to quit 4 ever i bet my folks would be happy.and you to, i can breathe again.



Hey Paul, I go to Streetsville Secondary School, you came to my school today and I was extremely impressed and touched by your story. It really got to me. You seem like an amazing guy, and am so glad you got over your addictions. A lot of my friends, that are into weed and stuff, defiantly are trying to quit now because of what you have said. You certainly opened my eyes, and many other student’s too for that matter. I think what you do is awesome, students at Streetsville actually listened to what you had to say, and many are learning from what you said. Never stop what your doing, and I mean never, it opened so many peoples eyes, if not everyone’s and I think that’s amazing. Your speech truly did touch my heart, and because of you I’m not going to start or try drugs. You are definitely an inspiration to many of the kids at Streetsville Secondary, me being one of them. I don’t know anyone who could be as strong as you, and share those stories you did, with a school. You really got the message across, and I thank you for that. Keep doing what your doing. Great job!! Thanks again, you rock!!



Hey, you spoke at my school this week in Hamilton (St. Thomas More) and I just want to say thank you, it was your story alone that made my decision about drugs, and actually influence my friend (pot user) to quit cold turkey as soon as you finished. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a movie made about you, hell my cousin is a director and I told him to look into it because that would spread your message worldwide and save so many teens, thanks again Paul…best wishes to you and your son.



You could have heard a pin drop when Paul shared his story with over 1500 students in our gym. He spoke about the power of addiction, and how leading a life with purpose has led him away from addiction. Paul’s openness invited countless questions about drugs, and will generate much discussion in our school community in the days to come. I would recommend Paul’s presentation without hesitation. God bless him and his work”. John Nixon, Student Services Head, St. Thomas More Catholic Secondary School Hamilton.



Dear Mr. Christie, I am a parent of a child you have saved and I have to say I know who these people are that have caused you so much grief and I can tell you the truth will come out about these individuals and you will be vindicated and they will be held accountable for many children’s lives. You have given my daughter her life back and for that I will be forever grateful to you pls be strong and remember all of these experiences you are going through will only make you stronger and you will continue to save lives with your amazing words. Keep your head up and keep doing what your doing, Thank you from a very big fan.



Ever since you have came to our school and told us that amazing story I haven’t touched a drug at all. I realized that drugs are getting me nowhere and that I’m missing out on my life with my girlfriend and my family. Today is June 4 and its been 8 days since I have touched a drug and I just wanted you to know that it is all because of you and I’m sooo happy that you came to our school and told us that story because without that I would still be the same person I was 8 days ago and I hated what I was. Just getting high all day and nothing else and now I realized that I want to do something with my life and I don’t want to go through the life you had to go through because I have potential to do something good with my life. Thanks to you my life is so much better my parents respect me so much more than they used to the can trust me more, they can lend me money if I need it.



Hello Paul, Actually just today you spoke at my high school Courtice Secondary in Courtice! I just thought I would write to you on behalf of myself and thank you for being an inspiration to all of us, Your story really was really amazing to see how much you went through and how strong you are now, really made me and all of my friends open their eyes to see how much drugs and alcohol can be of danger to anyone. It really was an emotional story, and actually made me cry a lot when you were talking about your son and how much you went through! I am so proud that you have your son with you to help you and so proud that you have be sober and clean for over 6 years..Wow, that’s just amazing! I know we were all so proud of you when you told us that! I know that your story will live on in our school forever and never be forgotten! Its really amazing how brave you are to stand up in front of schools all the time



hey u change my life and i am never every going to do durgs agan so i am going to tell all my friends not to do drugs again so ya thanx and i am from T.T.S.C tollage so ya i hope u have a good and safe life i no i will bc of u so ya bye paul pc out hey i’m kid from t.t.s.c tollage and all i want to say is that u change me bc of what u were tell us to day soo i am never ever going to do drugs so ya and u should go to every school in the word bc there is a a lot of kids that need ur help so u should do that bc u can make a change in every kids life so ya and i am going to tell all my friend about u and what u said so ya and i hope u have a good and happy life and a safe one to and i will email u all the time and tell about my life k and thanxs for the change my life k and my buddy said that u change his life to so ya thanxs k well bye and it was nice to meet u k bye pc out from: the kid with the black sweater and white hat k PC OUT Way to go Paul. Your inspirational message to the kids at St.Joseph’s High School in Barrie today was just amazing. I truly believe that your story was a true message to our kids about the effects of drugs and alcohol. God has saved you and has a plan for you. Thanks again.
Cathy St. John
St.Joseph’s H.S
Barrie, Ont



Hi. I will get you copies of the articles that appeared in both town papers where Paul talked. I have one and am getting the other one tomorrow. The person who was getting it for me had a temporary mental block and forgot to get it last week. Feedback has been very good. One of our Rotarians , a retired RCMP officer, told our meeting last week that Paul’s presentation was the most powerful one of its kind that he had seen in his 30 some years as a police officer. Later on in the spring, I will try again to get things going for Paul to return to our area in the fall. The guy in Sioux Lookout said he would have to wait awhile since things had been very busy at his school, and would continue to be so for the next few months. I talked to him on the phone after Paul spoke here and told him how great Paul’s talk had been, so he’s still interested.
Take care. Paul



Hey Paul, you were just @ my school “Holy Trinity Cathloic Highschool Simcoe Ontario.” I just wanted to let you know that, what you did was one AMAZING presentation. I do not do drugs or anything of that sort. I have never thought about doing them and i never will. I even havent been asked which is a surprise. I was so shocked someone could ever do that many things in there entire life time. I now look up to you after that presentation and i think wow, that man has been throw a hell of alot and i sometimes think my life was a living hell. Well i was sure wrong. Now that i have heard this i know that i won’t ever be doing drugs. Espeically herion i honestly didn’t know it was that addicting, yah i read it in books but i was thinking ya right some type of drug could do that. But now that i hear/see someone talk about it, im really shocked and amazed how messed up drugs are. I just wanted to let you know how good your presentation was today. I thank you for coming to our school. I dont know if any kids have wrote from my school but im really telling you the truth. Paul i know this sounds like a dumb question but can you send me one of those braclets? If you could ill even mail you the $2.00 so how some way. I wanted one of those braclets but i didnt want to ask any questions. (im one of those kids that are sorta shy.) Well if you could get back to me on with anything that would be fantastic. I know your a busy man with many more memories to come with your son Jesse. By the way tell him i said he’s lucky to have a dad that is as great as you. Thanks again. e-mail me back. sincerely: Matt (gr.9)



Hey, thanx for coming to my school. The last few years i have been trying out weed. I never thought that it could lead to other things. Latley i have noticed that it takes alot more than it use to to get stoned. This friday i was spouse to go to a party and try out some cocain. I am realy glad you came to my school or i would have tryed that out and my hole life would have been messed right up. I kno i should not have been doing weed in the first place. I think i did it for the socail aspect of it ( partys) but it isent even fun any more. like when ur on it nothing matters but after you ( u would defenatly kno this) are sober again all the dum stuff you have done when on it comes back at you. I dont think im every going to touch weed ever again. Thanks alot for this wake up call
From Kaleb f.s



hey mr.christie, i was a student at bishop tonnos secondary catholic school where you spoke today. Your story really had an affect on me. I am doing drugs at this point, no hard drugs, but i do smoke weed quite often, and i have started to smoke cigerettes even though my family has a history of lung cancer. I dont think i’m quite seriously addicted but smoking weed has lost somewhat of its edge since the summer going into grade 9 when i started. I have an ex-boyfriend who, when i first met him, just smoked weed and nothing else, and since i was dating him i really got into it. Everytime i was with him we’d smoke up quite a bit and thats kinda how i really started. I wanted to smoke up all the time cause i wanted to impress him or something stupid like that. Since we’ve broken up, he started doing coke and E.
I dont talk to him anymore but i want to. I really do miss him a lot, so i was thinking about doing E or maybe just a bit of coke so i could get his attention. Because i know he would get extremely pissed at me if he found out i started up on that shit to. But i thought it was the only way to get his attention back to me cause hes dating another girl. but after hearing your story it scared the shit out of me. im not gunna lie, im sure i would enjoy the high of coke or E but i couldnt see myself living a life like you did. i am the youngest of 6, my parents are great, my dad is a minister in a church, i have little cousins who look up to me a lot and i have amazing friends who are always there for me. and i would never want to choose a drug over those people who i care for. because i know how it feels to get ditched for a drug, basically what i ex did. im trying very hard to quit smoking cigerettes and am slowly cutting back on the weed.
im trying to get my ass back in line, focusing on other things such as school and basketball. i play rep basketball for ancaster. so im trying to distract myself, and so far its kinda working. ive never told anyone that i have wanted to do coke or E but i feel that you would understand. i want to thank you for saving my life because im sure if it wasnt for you and you sharing your life story with my school i would have definity tried coke and e and would eventually end up dead. so i thank you.



Hey Paul, you came to my school today. After your presentation some of the teachers were a little upset about the way you described some of your events. However, as a teen, i feel the best way to respond to teens is not to dance around the truth about such experiences.
I beleive that your method of telling your life in great detail is necessary for an accurate idea of what you have been through. I find it hard to beleive that some teachers found your “descriptive” presentation method upsetting, if we as teens are supposed to be educated about the topic you discussed, we need to hear it for what it is, not a watered down version. I would rather know what really goes on with such a lifestyle rather than live a sheltered existance ignorant to what happens in this messed up world. Thanks



Dear Paul Christie,
Are you aware of the outcome of your presentation. Well, of course, I am sure that you hope to inspire a couple kids. But no, you did more then that. You have just saved the lives of many children from a scary thing called “drug addiction”. Today you reached out, and really made it easy for me to continue saying no, as you visited my school today ( Coutice Secondary ). I as well was addicted to drugs. Weed, like you said, never really did anything for me. I had to move onto bigger and better things. It seems that no one is ever happy with what they have. They just have to go a bit further, when really there isn’t the “perfect drug”, just a drug that can ruin your life forever.
I first started drugs in Grade 9. As the month’s went by, I was high every day, all day long. Having to smoke up 3 times a day, just to keep a high. The summer came, and it seemed I had more time to spend with friends. Not always a good thing. I tried almost every drug I knew of. Except Heroin, for the fear of needles. I finally found the thing that I enjoyed the most, which was E & Cocaine. For a year, I slowly started to die. I couldn’t see it, no one else could. Until October 29th of 2004, I was at my best friends birthday party. I was so drugged up that my world had turned to dust. I really saw who I was, and what I was becoming. I have been clean since that night. I still wake up in the morning and wonder if a gram of weed would really make a difference, but after your presntation today, you have made it very clear for me. It is something I never want to go back to. Somedays, all I want is to be high again, living in a broken home without my father for most of my life, it was what I depended on. I now made a decision to live with my Father, and have been since August. It has been so amazing getting to know my Daddy again. I know how Jesse feels, it’s like the completion of your heart. You feel pure again. Things with my mother will never be right, she has been addicted to prescription mediaction, and will be for the rest of her life. It’s unfortunate that she will never know what it’s like to be ” real ” again.
I hope that you, Paul, will continue your journey, with your son by your side. You have so many memories ahead of you. Jesse could be gone in a blink of an eye, so hold on to this little boy. You want to be around for his first date, his first car, his graduation, his wedding, his first child, your grandchild. As you send your little boy off to school, he grows a day older, and more fonder of his father, his hero. This boy will love you uncondtionally, and I think that gives you more then any drug could ever. We could say that you are a guardian angel, but you don’t just watch over us, you save us. You are an inspriation to all. You are a gift from God. This all happened for a very well thought out reason. I hope that you continue your life inspiring & saving people. You are an amazing person, we all make mistakes, we learn from them, you change lives because of it. I hope to hear from you again, your words are wisdom.

God Bless



Wednesday September 17, 2008 

Mr. Paul Christie was invited to the second season of DREAM’s Raising Awareness; Film & Speaker series in Dunnville. His message to an audience of high school students and their parents was straight forward, frank and remarkably effective . In fact, DREAM has received so many requests for a repeat presentation, that Paul has been invited to speak again in Dunnville for a second time. This time however, DREAM has asked Paul for a presentation to the students at the Dunnville high school, followed by another presentation to the grade 7 and 8 students and their parents.”
Dr. Reza Kazemi, DREAM co-founder www.dreamfwb.com.



“I work for the District School Board, I’m a wallflower(custodian). Kids love me, I love them, and also I am very aware of what is going on. I’ve witnessed first hand many instances of the fallout from Paul Christie’s powerful presentation. There is nothing else comparable and no words will ever be able to say how beneficial he is to kids. I’ve seen the writing on the wall, literally, and unfortunately had to clean it off.
These kids listen to him, it’s truly a miracle to see and only God knows why. I once expressed the desire to see a drug seminar my family doctor and local police force were involved in. My doctor told me that if ever there was someone to see, to see Paul Christie! This man is professional and he couldn’t say enough about the message Paul delivers.
A good friend is a paediatric nurse at sick kids. Great home, 3 girls, the middle one now 16 was a severe drug addict. Her story, Paul Christie saved her life, she is again thriving and on her way to western university. My story, drug addict, alcoholic, clean and sober for 14 years now with 2 beautiful, brilliant girls who respect Paul greatly. He knows my story, much similar to his but he also understands what leads most young girls to drugs and alcohol. Sexual abuse. He understands it, knows the true reality of what many girls experience, and he provides the support and guidance to help them. They open up to him so easily and confide in him for help. So please realize that not only are drugs and alcohol a huge problem, but hand in hand goes the unspeakable, unmentionable.
Please give these kids an opportunity to hear Paul before the summer, before all the parties. Believe me, nobody walks away not remembering Paul, his words are life changing and last a lifetime. I could tell you many more stories. The kids don’t hide from custodians, we hear and see everything. They are all very positive.
Over the past 2 years Paul has become my friend and plays an incredibly supportive role in my life. He is the by far the most unselfish person I know. I can say without hesitation that he is the most important and influential man that should be involved in school presentations across Canada!
Kids don’t listen to police or many others, they mock them, but you’ll hear Paul’s name trickle through your halls and your community. It’s truly amazing, JUST LISTEN!”
Custodian, District School Board



“Hello there, I want to say thank you. A few years ago now you spoke at aschool I was attending and it touched my life. i was badly into drugs, alcohol and the party scene. mainly to forget. you did some things i never thought i would have been able to do on my own. you told someone what i had told you. since than my life has been good. ive moved from that city, my father and i dont speak and he hardly ever comes here. you’ve been a huge help witheverything and for that i truely want to say thank you.”



Hi Paul,
You came to my school on Friday to Father Michael Mcgivney. I’d just like to say thank you for the great speech you made. I don’t know how I actually paid attention to this speech, I usually tune out by the end of the speech, but this made me feel so different inside. I personally, don’t take drugs or do anything like this, but the way you talked about your life shocked me. To actually say everything, made me feel so proud to have a great man in this world. Another reason why I was so shocked is because you said this whole story right in front of your son. Your son is soo lucky to have a great father like you. After I came from school, I told my parents and my brother that you came to our school to talk about this, I told them you would of cried if you were there listening to him, I almost did. I hope you do well in your motivational speaking career, and continue to astonish other students like me.



I am a grade 8 student at Admiral Collingwood Elementary School. On November 23rd, 2006, you came to one of the Collingwood High Schools, Collingwood Collegiate Institute, and shared the 20 years you lived when you were a drug-attic.

I think that it’s unbelievable that you could change from being a horrible drug addict to a person who comes around Canada sharing your story. Like, it really is so amazing, and I am so so SOOO proud of you! You’re awesome Paul and I swear you’re changing lots of people’s lives and saving lots of people’s lives, like mine.

I don’t have any problems with drugs or anything, I’d just like to thank you a LOT. You’re story is so life-changing for me, it’s unbelievable. You’re such a role model and I’m SO happy I went to this presentation because you’ve made me think hard about what choice I want to make with drugs. Thank you isn’t as much as I’d like to say. What I’d want to say, I wouldn’t be able to put into words. Some kids might not have listened to it as much as I and lots of other kids have, because I know some kids who still might want to go smoke marijuana in my grade, and even before your performance, I’ve though “what idiots” .. now I’m thinking ten times what I used to.

Thank you SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOOOOO much for sharing that. You’re probably the best role model that I’ve had in my life. You’re amazing.